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Fri, Dec 8, 11:59 pm11:59 pm

For the final report, you can work solo or in groups of two. Your report should be one of the following two types:

  • Research: Present new progress your group made on a problem relevant to the course. In this case, your report should be formatted like a research paper, but does not have to necessarily meet the bar for publication in research venues (i.e., your progress could be small); discuss the background, prior works, how your new progress fits in, and substantitate all your claims with proofs, etc.
  • Survey: Choose at least three papers about a common problem/topic and write a survey of the results. Your report should be more than a restatement of the main theorems in the papers you decide to survey. Some tips you can follow to make your report more than a restatement: explain new techniques/methods introduced by the papers; find out what open problems are left and list them in your survey; try to add insights not explicitly stated in the papers; explain your guess of what difficulties the papers’ authors faced or why they made certain choices in formulating/proving their results.

  • Submission link: [Gradescope]