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Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:00pm
Online using Zoom (Zoom links in Canvas)
Videos will be recorded and put on Canvas but live participation is highly encouraged.
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Coauthor (for open problem discussions and any discussion beyond administrative/clarification questions)
Piazza (for administrative/clarification questions)
Gradescope (for submitting homework solutions and the final report)


60% homework + 40% final report

Final Report

The final report should either survey a topic (1-2 papers) or present your own new (but perhaps incremental) work. An appropriate length is 2-5 pages. You are free to collaborate with others (perhaps using Coauthor), but you should write the report individually.

Final Report
Due date: 11/20/2020 at 11:00pm


We will have one problem set roughly every 2-3 weeks. Please submit your homework by the due dates at 11:00pm Pacific Time on Gradescope.

Problem Set 1
Release date: 9/24/2020
Due date: 10/16/2020 at 11:00pm
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Problem Set 2
Release date: 10/8/2020
Due date: 10/30/2020 at 11:00pm
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Problem Set 3
Release date: 10/29/2020
Due date: 11/20/2020 at 11:00pm
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We tentatively plan to cover the following topics:

  • Intro to counting complexity and #P.
  • Self-reducibility and equivalence of counting and sampling.
  • Exact counting using determinants: spanning trees, planar perfect matchings.
  • Counting DNF solutions.
  • Basics of Markov chains.
  • Probabilistic analysis of MCMC: stationary times, path coupling, coupling from the past.
  • Functional/spectral analysis of MCMC: conductance, spectral techniques, Poincare, and log-Sobolev.
  • Correlation decay, Dobrushin's condition, spin systems.
  • Methods for deterministic counting: Barvinok's method, variational methods.
  • Canonical paths and bipartite perfect matchings.
  • Continuous distributions: sampling from convex sets and log-concave distributions.
  • High-dimensional expanders.


Monday 9/14
Topics: Introduction; Exact and Approximate Counting and Sampling
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 9/16
Topics: Self-Reducibility; Equivalence of Approximate Counting and Sampling
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Monday 9/21
Topics: Matrix-Tree Theorem; Counting Planar Graph Perfect Matchings
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 9/23
Topics: Estimators for Permanent; DNF Counting
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Monday 9/28
Topics: Network Reliability; Intro to Markov Chain Analysis
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 9/30
Topics: Time-Reversibility; Metropolis Rule; Glauber Dynamics; Fundamental Theorem of Markov Chains
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Monday 10/05
Topics: Mixing Time Growth; Cutoff; Coupling and Path Coupling
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 10/07
Topics: Perron-Frobenius; Spectrum of Markov Chains; Fourier Analysis
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Monday 10/12
Topics: f-Divergence; Intro to Functional Analysis; Poincare Inequality
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 10/14
Topics: Poincare in the Non-Reversible Case; Ideal Markov Chain and Dirichlet Form; Cheeger's Inequality
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Monday 10/19
Topics: Walks on Trees; Time-Approximation Tradeoff; Aldous-Broder's Algorithm; Markov Chain Tree Theorem
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 10/21
Topics: Comparison Method; Canonical Paths/Flows; Sampling Matchings
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Moday 10/26
Topics: Monomer-Dimer Distributions; Spin Systems
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 10/28
Topics: Dobrushin's Conditions; Hardcore Model; Correlation Decay
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Monday 11/2
Topics: Weitz's Algorithm for the Hardcore Model; Intro to Barvinok's Method
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 11/4
Topics: Barvinok's Method; Roots of the Matching Polynomial
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Monday 11/9
Topics: Counting in Bounded-Degree Graphs; Intro to Variational Methods
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 11/11
Topics: Variational Methods; Mean Field; Entropy Subadditivity and Shearer's Lemma
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Monday 11/16
Topics: Entropy Lower Bounds; Log-Concave Polynomials; High-Dimensional Expanders
[Whiteboard] [Video]
Wednesday 11/18
Topics: High-Dimensional Expanders; Sampling from Convex Sets; Course Review
[Whiteboard] [Video]


I will gradually provide links for further reading here. Some resources are freely available electronically through Stanford library. I suggest using Lean Library to access those.